Pittsburgh PA


An absolute masterpiece. I love, love, loved this house! I keep telling everyone that was a golden egg that I am unsure we will ever create again! I envisioned a waterfall island taking your breath away the moment you walked in the house. I did not budge on that design factor. In fact, I had to do some creative s*** to work that whole kitchen into the budget. From this expensive design factor I was not willing to part with, I was forced to get super creative with DIY bathrooms in order to finish the house within budget. And so, the live edge vanity that ran wall to wall with beautiful upper mounted sinks and wall mounted faucets was born. Most of my designs are about pushing and pulling cheap and expensive materials to create one great design budget that works. I do not need the most expensive tile or vanities in order to make the house look expensive, I just need a mix of all the right materials to make the house show its value. Dearborn was a brilliant example of that. Each project I do, I get better and better at pushing the limits, DIY creative elements and creating an appealing budget sheet. The finished product and beating my own challenges is what really excites me about this job and Dearborn definitely stunned me of my own capabilities.

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842 Phineas St.


PA 15212




Tel: 412-515-4250