Pittsburgh PA


If I could sum up this project is just a few words it would be, WTH was I thinking! This was my very first flip project on my own. I built the business plan, found the deal, designed and managed the whole project. I look back at it and still can’t believe I flipped my own house despite all the hardships I went through with it. They all say flipping houses isn’t easy, but boy, oh boy you do not realize the gravity of that statement until you are actually in it. That house almost broke me (lol), but in a good way. It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done and it helped me become such a better business woman, designer and person. The design was targeted towards a small family or single woman buying their first house.  I tried to create a unique space with touches of character. The black ceiling was a risky design that really paid off. Everyone called me crazy until they saw and it absolutely loved it. Another risky decision was adding an on suite for the master bedroom. It changed the budget drastically but was 100% worth it. That bathroom was a huge hit as well. People loved the glass shower, vanity and herringbone style floor. Fun Fact: this house sold five hours before the government shut down all non-life essential businesses because of COVID-19. That was a close one!

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842 Phineas St.


PA 15212




Tel: 412-515-4250