3516 LEECH St.

Pittsburgh PA


This was my very first design for the developer I work for now. Looking back I think about how I did it, what I was thinking, and how hard it truly was! When you first start out you have to believe in yourself and your designs. It’s easy to say you can do something, but actually fulfilling it and bringing that idea to life is a totally different ball game. You have doubts, fears, insecurities and you really have to have major pep talks to yourself. You have everyone questioning your decisions, style, and ideas. Standing your ground is a must! There were MANY fights during this project. Some I won and some I lost, but in the end the discussions and challenges from those fights is what made the project what it is.  When I design a house I don’t pick designs I like and take it to the house, I let the house tell me what it wants to become. I design it towards a target market and make up little scenarios of whose going to walk through this house and fall in love with it. This house I went with a trendy, modern industrial style that would attract a young professional, most likely a male. The house sold to just that; young single male. Fun fact: two years later I found out that I have been gym friends with the guy who bought it. We met a year later through mutual friends and just recently realized I was the designer and he was the buyer for my first project. Small world!!

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