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Tim King, Homeowner

"My wife wanted a newly updated home and although I didn’t see the need for it at the time, as the home was complete I am so grateful for Katie and her team fulfilling my wife’s desires for our new home. Katie came in and gave suggestions that we did not know we needed. She added another bedroom and opened up the kitchen and also gave us a bigger bathroom that has an ensuite entrance. These additions have been a game changer for our family especially with me working from home since COVID began. I appreciated how Katie thought of the reappraisal price in her home suggestions and modifications. Not only did we get more out of our home functionally, we also did financially! Her aesthetics were timeless and I really love the details. I felt little stress with the whole project because she handled everything! Her team was very accommodating with some changes my wife really wanted during construction and we are so happy with their efforts and facilitation of the entire project. Our dated home now looks luxurious."
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