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Interior Design byBinetti

byBinetti is an Interior Design studio with a bold, modern style that is timeless and tasteful.  byBinetti's passion for design is very apparent with a focus on details and execution. Unlike other design studios, byBinetti has an immense knowledge in construction as well as design allowing us to be able to properly advocate for our clients and mitigate risks. We aim to bridge the gap between design and construction. We believe our designs must inspire and elevate the hearts, minds, and lives of our clients.

There are many phases of design and construction and byBinetti has tried to offer different services in order to accommodate. Below we have provided the different services we offer and explanation of our process in order for you to understand and see how we work best to provide a successful project. Our mission is to not only curate a beautiful design but a seamless construction process for efficient completions.

Services & Process

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  • Katie Binetti
    Owner and Lead Designer, Katie did not start her career in Interior Design like other designers. Her innate creativity and raw talent for design has always been apart of her life. With a background in fashion, Katie found her true passion in design & construction while renovating her own home. Katie's reputation quickly grew and she began using her creative abilities working with with a local developer to transform his homes through project management and design. Having the unique ability to understand design, construction & value creation in real estate is what sets Katie apart from her peers. Katie focuses on functional floor planning, luxurious accents and always prioritizes return on investment when working with her clients.
  • Jana Demmer
    Lead Designer + Assistant Manager, wife and new mother, Jana brings a second eye to every design. Jana brings an invaulable eye for design and second opinion that helps curate a full design. Her design career started with experience in renovating two of her own homes and working for a staging company out of NYC for 2+ years. Together Jana and Katie are each others Ying and Yang when it comes to design and project management. While Katie is handling construction and subcontractors, Jana is ordering materials and communicating with clients. She is the other half of byBinetti that shows teamwork makes the dream work.
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